The Draft

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March 26, 2010
The Draft
One thing that used to scare young adults the most was the chance of being drafted. Now that generation of scared young adults has moved to the seats of power, doing all they can to restrict the draft so that their children would not have the same fears and problems. They use arguments of how a volunteer military is more productive than a drafted one, how consciences objectors and others would be exempt from the draft making it not fair for those who aren??™t, and the effects on the choices government officials make when going to war, since they now worry about friends who are drafted. This could all be avoided in a well rounded version of the draft, as long as certain rules are followed.
A well rounded version of the draft would be different from today in a few ways. First of all, it would be a continuous draft for any one between 18 and 22. Everyone will have a choice of military services or to join a civil works group or government project. This allows everyone to help better this country in some way or another. It will also put more trained citizens back into the country after military services, giving a pool to draw on when there is a crisis that needs more soldiers. In the end, the Draft needs to become a thing for the good of the country, not something that people will have to worry about for themselves and their children.
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In 1940 the Selective Service Act was instated, the ???Drawing of Numbers??? (Critical Choices). This brought forth a large military force, in preparation to fight the Axis powers. This was the first peace time draft ever instated. There was some dislike of the draft, but the people found this to be a necessary way to fight the evil of the Axis. At the time it was also seen as an honor to fight for your country, sacrificing the one for the many. As WWII ends and the United States becomes a global power, we are forced to take part in the Korean War. This war was seen as unnecessary and had poor standing with some citizens. One of the major ways they attacked the war effort was by striking at the Draft. At the time they could not get enough support to cause a real problem, but they did bring forward the problem that the Draft could become.
After Vietnam starts, the government slowly looses support as the war drags on. Most young adults between 18 and 25 did whatever they could to get out of the draft, even going as far as to cross the border to Canada or Mexico. Those in the age group who did want to enlist were then attacked by anti-draft supporters. ???A lot of people didn??™t believe in the draft. People being drafted were sure they didn??™t believe in the draft.???(Critical Choices). Once the presidencies changed hands, Nixon immediately started to rescind the Draft. The election was so close, he may have only even won because he said removing the Draft would be the first thing he did. This is where the volunteer army came in to being, turning military service into a job market. Now
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with the country in a state of crisis, the Draft that Nixon rescinded, could be brought back. This would allow for economic growth and help the citizens and country in one fell swoop.
There will always be people who, for one reason or another, do not want to commit violence or participate in military matters. The old Draft allows them to be exempt, along with woman and certain college students. Instead of these people being exempt from the draft, place them in civil service projects in their area, allowing them to continue their lives but still benefit the country and letting whoever would have had to do that job, instead do something else. Also, families that have lost their jobs could ???reactivate??? their draft card, giving them a chance to be reenlisted and work while they look for a job.
Nowadays no one wants to start the draft again because what if their friends and family are selected, but with a new type of draft, it could always be active. This would just funnel people into the military to receive training and other people to public works projects, giving them that experience and helping the country. With all of the young adults that would then be trained, we would be prepared to take on any crisis that may come about. They would also have a better ability to handle their own personal crises, through the discipline and strength that the training would instill in them.
???Soldiers only want someone in the foxhole with them if they want to be there??? (Unknown), is how one of the old savings goes, which is why this version is still a volunteer military of sorts. Those who come of age that don??™t volunteer to serve will still give something up for their country through works projects.What if every major river had its own Hoover Dam, generating power for the area, or all towns and cities had their own work force to fix roads, provided for them through the draft. All of these people will still be paid, and even housed,
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depending on the project, but they will also be paid for something that is for the good of everyone not just the betterment of the one.
As the economy slowly drifts into poverty, Congress could instate this, stopping the slop we slide down. All the country needs is public works projects, a better military, and government officials who can take control to bring it all into one big operation. ???You??™re already being made to do things for your government, opt in, buy in, your part of your country. Deal with it???(Critical Choices) Through a new Draft, this country, our country, could regain its feet, and keep walking on the road to progress, all because the few gave up a year and half of their lives for the whole of America.
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