The Door

The Door
Miroslav Holub

???The Door???, by Miroslav Holub is a poem which demonstrates that change in self involves taking chances and the positive consequences of change. Holub expresses change as an individuals commitment to embrace new opportunities presented to them, leading to a new perspective of life.

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Holub focuses on the value of being prepared to change ones life or perspective. In this poem change is seen as a positive force. ???Even if theres a fog??? the poem reassures the reader that ???it will clear???. The poet encourages us to seek change and ???go and open the door???. By opening the door, individuals approach the idea of change allowing them to overcome obstacles. ???The Door???, being the central metaphor of the poem, represents a barrier, which holds us back from instigating a change. It is a gateway to new opportunities if the individual decides to take the initiative. Holub uses repetition of the phrase ???go and open the door??? as the opening line of each stanza to create an imperative tone that implores the reader to look beyond their own narrow existence and consider other worlds and gain a new perspective on life, also indicating a passing of time. In the second stanza of the poem there is an unusual mixture of sights presented which may lie beyond the door suggesting the idea that anything is possible.

The differing perspectives throughout the poem highlight the message that if we are prepared to take action to change our lives the possibilities are exciting and varied. Threatening images of ???the darkness ticking??? and ???the hollow wind??? emphasises that what a person finds on the other side of the door may not always be pleasant, however Holub exemplifies the process undertaken by the individual to look into the darkness is a valuable learning experience that will change them. The poet once again uses repetition, ???even if…even if…even if??¦??? bringing the poem into a climax, reaching the apex by the abrupt use of enjambment with the word ???nothing??? singled out. The reader is encouraged to ???go and open the door???, to take a chance, even if there is no reward and just emptiness beyond. Holub reiterates the fact that negative and unpleasant experiences are beneficial for personal growth and it has long term advantages, so the reader is urged insistently to ???go and open the door???.

???The Door??? demonstrates the importance of taking risks and embracing change, whether it be for better or worse. Even if there is nothing there, ???go and open the door???.