The Decorated Body Eval

Evaluation ???The Decorated Body???
English 103

From the minute we are born clothing or some sort of article is waiting to cover the body. If one is not clothed or does not follow tribal customs that person is viewed as uncivil. Each culture seeks the perfect look even if it means subjecting oneself through pain and sometimes mutilating their bodies just for the perfect look.

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We can not accept our bodies some how or some way we feel we have to do something to alter our body. Clothes, tattoos, by piercing it or other by using other articles to change the way we look to gain acceptance from others or show our beliefs.
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Throughout the many regions of the world for thousands of years people have changed the way they look. In certain cultures changing the shape of a baby??™s skull was thought to make the baby better looking. During the nineteenth century babies were tightly swaddled to prevent disfigurement. People who were viewed as uncivilized altered the looks of their children by means of tattoos, piercing different parts of their bodies or jewelry.

Some examples of how other cultures changed the physical appearance of their children were the American Indians, the Mangbetus of Africa and the Chinese. The America Indians used a cradleboard to flatten the skulls of their young. The Mangbetus of Africa used a knotted rope made of bark which was wrapped around the child??™s neck to make the neck longer because the Mangbetus viewed a long neck as a beautiful. The feet of Chinese girls where deformed by cutting the feet and tying the feet. The Chinese believed that if a woman had small feet the woman would be better house wife.

Claude Levi-Strauss in talking about what he learned about a tribe in Brazil mentioned that if a man did not participate in the decoration of is body that man would be seen as less of a man by his tribe. Polynesian girls had to be tattooed to be accepted as a marriage worthy.

The women of the Tivs of Nigeria had to scar their legs to gain popularity and recognition. The tribes??™ men of the Tivs of Nigeria to gain acceptance from their women and to show their manhood had to change texture of their skin behind their ears.

Father Lauren de Lucques made this observation while studying the Congo tribe. Congo women could show discomfort while being tattooed. If the tattoo on the Congo women had flaws the women would not be worthy of marriage. People have different reasons why they change the way they look even if the outcome of the change is not what they wanted.

The human body and the human skin are easy to change, manipulate and most of the time humans change it willingly by different methods. We can not accept our bodies in its natural state we feel we have to change our look to what society views it as acceptable. Humans do not want to be viewed as intelligent because we can change the way we look unlike the rest of the animal kingdom.

Humans are more intelligent since they have the ability to mark their bodies and are constantly changing their bodies. Each civilization chooses what to modify and everyone does so as a group no individualism is accepted. In striving for the perfect look change is inevitable not because nature demands but because we as humans need change.