The Count of Monte Cristo Character Profiles

The Count of Monte Cristo Character Profiles
The Count Of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo is a cold, intelligent and sly man who after getting sent to prison for a crime he did not commit comes to believe that he is the hand of god or an avenging angel.He has many different personality traits including the ones I already told you. Some more traits are that he is patient,vengeful,elegant,cosmopolitan,witty and distant. Monte Cristo??™s physical attributes are different from when he was Dantes.They are that he is about six feet tall,has black hair,is in his forties,is slender but muscular,has piercing blue eyes,is gritty and is pretty strong.

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Mercedes is a frenchwoman of Catalan descent who in the beginning was in love with Dantes but ends up marrying Fernand then leaving him. She grows in her personality from when she was young and in the end but mostly her personality stays the same.Her personality is that she is brave,bold at times,idealistic,pure and loyal especially to Dantes.She also has some more ones that indicate who she really is such as being honest,noble,kind,smart,caring and sad at times.She is also a very beautiful woman of average height,is in her forties,has black hair,walks like a queen and has eyes like a gazelle.

Haydee is the daughter of Ali Pacha,the vizier of the Greek state of Yanina who becomes the slave of Monte Cristo. She is a very brave,kind,strong,brilliant and sweet girl.She is also devoted to Monte Cristo and shows to readers that she is crafty, mature and self-confident. She is supposed to be a very beautiful girl who has black hair,black eyes,a straight nose,coral lips,pearl white teeth.Some more things are that she is young, only nineteen to twenty years old and she is poetic.

M. Danglars is basically the one of the main men responsible for putting Dantes in prison.He becomes a rich man who does not care about anyone but himself.He basically is a man around fifty years old,is pretty tall and is slim.His personality basically stays the same throughout the whole novel showing that he is very clever,greedy,ambitious,cruel and selfish. Some more things about him are that he is very sombre and irritating to others. All in all he is not very well liked in the beginning and in the end.

M. Villefort is the blindly ambitious public prosecutor responsible for sentencing Dantes to life in prison.Villefort is Monte Cristo??™s worst enemy as he uses his own power to judge people and give out punishment.He is also very ambitious,determined,selfish and antisocial. He is also a very powerful man who is also arrogant.His looks are that he is middle aged,thin,yellow skin tone,deep set eyes and dresses really well mostly in black but with a white tie.

Mme.Villefort is Villefort??™s murderous wife who is devoted wholly to her son.She turns to crime in order to insure that her son inherits the family fortune. She does not have a very pretty personality basically she is evil,greedy,a killer and is jealous of anyone in the way of her son getting the family fortune.While her personality is not very pretty she is a beautiful woman with curly hair and is thirty six years old. She is not a good person in that she poisons some people for money even though it is done out of love for her son.

M. de Morcerf is really Ferdinand the fisherman who betrayed Dantes because he was in love with Mercedes. Military glory brought him his fortune, and he changed his name to Count de Morcerf. His personality does not have any really good quality except that he loves Mercedes.Some bad qualities that he has are that he is selfish,,greedy,determined and disliked by a lot of his enemies. When he was young he was strapping,had black eyes,was of Catalan descent,had a red complexion,brown skin and a fierce air about him.Now he is still has a fierce air about him but he is old and and more powerful then he was when he was young.

Albert is the son of Count de Morcerf who befriends Monte Cristo who renounces his fortune and name to seek glory and fame in the army.In doing this he shows that he has his mothers noble character and is devoted in giving her a better life. He also throughout the book shows that he is honest,kind,quick tempered and arrogant at times. With Monte Cristo he shows that he is proud,honorable,dignified and intrepid.Albert is also young,of average height and by his mother and father is of Catalan descent.

Nortier is Villefort??™s Bonapartist Father who was the man that Napoleons letter that was addressed too. Twenty four years after Dantes was sent to prison he has suffered a stroke and cannot speak or move much. While in the beginning he is fifty to fifty five years old,dark in colouring,has black eyes and side whiskers he later became paralysed affecting his life but not his sharp mind.Also later he is in his seventies but he still has bright intelligent eyes. He still keeps most of his personality such as he does not really like his son,he is arrogant and he is ambitious. While he does not really care for his son or grandson he does care a lot about Valentine his granddaughter.

Maximillian is the son of Monsieur Morrel Dantes old friend. He later becomes friends with Monte Cristo like his father. He is is a soldier abroad who later comes home to help his father.In doing this he meets Valentine and falls in love with her.He is a very kind,loyal and caring person to others.Also he is devoted to his family and to Valentine. He looks are that he is tall,in his thirties and pretty strong.