Petroleum Journal

Petroleum Journal
Day 1
Today, I woke up at 6:45 by my alarm on my cell phone. Then, I crawled out of my synthetic fiber bed, and walked to my shower. I grabbed my plastic shampoo bottle to wash my hair. After my shower, I got out and dried myself with a cotton towel. While still in the bathroom, I brushed my teeth with my plastic toothbrush. I got my toothpaste out of a plastic tube. After that, I got dressed in my school clothes, which are made out of cotton and other synthetic fibers. Throughout all of these processes I used lights and other types of electricity.
After I finished dressing for school, I picked up my synthetic wallet, my keys, which have plastic around them, and my battery powered plastic cell phone. Then, I walked out the door for school. I placed my synthetic backpack in the back seat of my car, which is also made of synthetic fiber. I got in the driver??™s seat and put on my synthetic beanie, because it was cold outside. Then, I was ready to go to school.
I turned on my car, which runs on electric batteries and gasoline. It also has rubber tires which are made of petroleum. Once I got to school, I walked across the asphalt to the school building, and found my way to my first class. I sat in a plastic chair, and wrote with a plastic pen. Every class was pretty much the same, but lunch was a little different. At lunch I sat in a plastic chair at a long plastic table. I took my lunch out of a brown bag, and my sandwich out of my plastic Ziploc bag.
Day 2
I am writing this journal in the year of 1810. I woke up to the sound of the rooster crowing outside of my window. As I crawled out of my bed I walked across my wooden floor to the bathroom. As I got into the bathroom, I light my beeswax candle as a source of light, so that I could see as I got ready for school. I took a quick sponge bath, with water from the well outside. I had to get the water the night before, and heat it over the fire when I woke up. Then, I brushed my teeth with freshwater from the well outside and my finger. Once I was clean, I got dressed in my wool clothing and cowhide leather boots.
Once dressed, I grabbed all of my books and my cowhide book bag. Then, I headed out the door for school. It takes me about forty minutes to walk to school. I am frequently late, because I only have the position of the sun to use as a clock. Once I reached the school, my class starts at 8:15 a.m. So, I sat in my wooden chair, and listened to my teacher lecture the class. She wrote down notes using a piece of chalk and chalkboard_. _After class, my school group had lunch outside. We sat at a wooden picnic table and carried our lunches in a tin lunchbox.
Once school ended, I played a really cool game some kids in a close by town made up. I had a stick and a big wooden hoop, and I had to run the hoop across a field using only my stick to turn it. After practice, I was picked up by a horse and carriage being drove by my dad. Then, I worked hard on the farm for the rest of the day until the sun went down. I drew more water from the well for my morning bath. Then went inside where my mom had dinner on the table. After I ate, I began my homework, which is what I am doing now.
Day 3
Just yesterday, the environmentalists convinced the government to ban all petroleum products and related energy use. Government officials came and took any petroleum related products and burned them.
Then I began walking to school, which took me an hour, because I didn??™t have a car anymore. While walking I struggled to keep my tin foil suit from falling off. I guess it wasn??™t the smartest idea to make clothes out of foil. When I finally got to school, my teachers had no clue how to teach the classes without all of their equipment. We mainly sat on the floor, (all the chairs and desks were gone) and had group discussions. We didn??™t have any pens either. So, we just had to try to remember everything.
At lunch we sat on the floor again, because the tables and chairs were gone there too. We all had lunches in brown bags, and everyone??™s food was a mess, because no one had Ziploc containers to keep it in. Then we got a letter from our baseball coach saying practice was cancelled due to a lack of shoes, balls, bats, and gloves. Then, everyone in the world freaked out, because there was no petroleum.
Day 4
It is now two hundred years in the future. The year is 2210, and I am 218 years old. I am surprisingly still healthy. Well anyway, life is pretty much how it used to be back in the 1800??™s. When I woke up this morning it was by a metal clock. I crawled out of my feather down bed, and folded my wool blankets. I turned on my lights, which are powered from hydro-electric power plants. So, I took a shower, and dried myself with a wool towel. I brushed my teeth with a wooden toothbrush, and organic toothpaste. After I was done in the bathroom, I went in my room and got dressed for work. Now that petroleum has been banned, we all wear silk.
I headed out the door for work, and got into my electric car. It goes really slow, because it??™s electric powered. Everything has changed since the ban of petroleum. I have my own garden, to produce my own food, because processed foods have been abolished from our society. Also, I work at a furniture company, where we carve all of the furniture out of wood, because the cloth we used in the old days was synthetic. Women working on the other side of the factory sew silk cushions, and make other decorative items for houses. Everything is handmade now, which eliminates the need for machines running off of petroleum.
People have gone through extreme poverty. There were also many companies and corporations that went down the drain, because all of their products relied on petroleum or other petroleum based products. The ban on petroleum took a major toll on American life. Finally though, the United States is starting to pull itself back together, and create new products to replace those lost in the ban. People have begun to find jobs again, and most people are way healthier than before. The cancer rate has dropped significantly, and that is why I am still alive today.
There were many differences, but not so many similarities in the petroleum and non-petroleum times. Virtually all of the products we use today are made of petroleum or other synthetic fiber. Since everything is made of petroleum, hardly anything is left on day three, when the petroleum ban took place. Without petroleum products or a substitute to them, our society would go back to the way it was before petroleum began being used. We wouldn??™t have any of the luxuries we have today, such as simple things like blankets or toothbrushes. We also wouldn??™t have things we view as necessities, like electricity or cars. Without petroleum everything was natural and organic. With petroleum everything is toxic, and can cause bodily harm. The one similarity in all of the days was that with or without petroleum I still went through the same day. It was just more or less convenient.
I learned how much petroleum affects our society, and how many products have something to do with petroleum. All products are either made of petroleum, or made by something with petroleum. Our food even comes from petroleum products, so a world without petroleum would be an extremely different type of society. Many companies and people have one goal in mind. That goal is to make money, and it doesn??™t matter if it puts harm on people??™s health or well being. They will do anything to make their quota.
I was able to function when out of my element, however, it was a lot harder than I expected. People rely on petroleum products so much, that it is extremely hard to function without them. There are ways to function organically, but organic products do not solve all of our petroleum problems. Also, it was way more convenient to function with the petroleum products, than without. This is why people today don??™t care about the petroleum products they put into their bodies. If petroleum makes it easier to function, that??™s all that matters.