personal statement of Business and Law major student


Justice My Name is Michael Sullivan and I believe that I would be a great asset to the IFC judicial system and these are the reasons why. I have been an active member of Sigma Phi Epsilon since I was a new member; I started off as being assistant chaplain and worked my way into being Phi mentor of the chapter. I was president of my pledge class and ran all homecoming activities in 2000. I was an alternate member on our tandem team and head coach in this year?s trike race. I am the philanthropy chairman, a member of the standards board, our chapters IFC delegate and the co-social of our chapter. I have future plans of running for the position of SGA president and next election I intend on running for a senator position just to get my foot in the door of the political system of the student university. 

I will be attending a leadership meeting for all Sigma Phi Epsilon members across the nation and I will be the speaking delegate of our chapter. I am active in intramurals and looked up to among all members of our chapter. I have done this as well as much more and this being only my third semester in the fraternity. I wish to become a justice to become more active within the IFC and throughout the entire Greek community. I am in good standing within the university and my major is business management with a pre law curriculum. For the future after I graduate, I will attend law school in order to pursue my long-term goal of being a corporate attorney. Knowing this it is your decision on whether I am qualified enough to hold the position of alternate justice and hopefully soon a justice and maybe even one day chief justice.