Losing is Good for You

Essay:Losing is Good for You,?,

Increasing is the phenomenon of giving awards or trophies to each and every participant for a certain activity no matter whether they perform well enough to be awarded and larger and lager is the number of human beings that are involved in such a complimentary storm, nowadays it has been an inevitable trend that the great majority of human beings begin to wonder whether constant awards without concrete standards will be beneficial to the development of a certain person in the long run. Apart from that, some people even are sure that loss rather than trophy can be good for them in that loss can drive human beings to realize their personal defects and the gap between them and others so that they can later on try their best to improve themselves so as to catch up with others and if possible surpass others.

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Why human beings will think in that way is that they hold if the participants know that no matter how they behave and achieve, they will all automatically get the awards so that they have no impetus for improvement, let alone to suffer a lot to pick up those problem-solving skills in that it is a pains-taking process. While on the other hand, if the participants are unsure about how the result will be and whom those specified and limited awards will be given to, then all the participants will accordingly seem to be excited a lot and make their potential to the full play so that they can be outstanding and excel other participants. That is to say the uncertainty of real and practical competition can be regarded as the attraction and irresistible temptation for all the participants to take part in at the first place and later spare no efforts to struggle for a more satisfactory outcome. Or maybe we can put it in another way that the popularity of trophies and endless recognition is actually the significant factor of why the participants tend to underachieve more or less when compared with the past.

Therefore it is quite apparent that what parents, organizations, institutions and other relevant parties like that should do is to provide children with the restrained number of awards as will be handed out to a limited number of winners but not reassure them that each and every one will be awarded all the same. And when children are found out to be with mistakes, what should be acted is to assist them in tackling those setbacks and encouraging them in the meantime but not criticizing them blindly and ignorantly. Children should be educated that progress process is more important than a specific success in that only they are improved to be competent enough can they deal well with all the difficulties they may encounter in approaching days.