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The Draft

Rider 1 Composition 11 Pd. 5 Daltorio March 26, 2010 The Draft One thing that used to scare young adults the most was the chance of being drafted. Now that generation of scared young adults has moved to the seats of power, doing all they can to restrict the draft so that their children would… Read More »

Petrov Affair

Having failed to win the referendum on constitutional change, Menzies stepped up the hunt for communists. People even stopped saying they were socialist for fear of being named as a communist and losing their job. The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation was taking advantage of its powers and watching people and politicians, tapping phones and confiscating… Read More »

The Door

The Door Miroslav Holub ???The Door???, by Miroslav Holub is a poem which demonstrates that change in self involves taking chances and the positive consequences of change. Holub expresses change as an individuals commitment to embrace new opportunities presented to them, leading to a new perspective of life. Holub focuses on the value of being… Read More »

Petroleum Journal

Petroleum Journal Day 1 Today, I woke up at 6:45 by my alarm on my cell phone. Then, I crawled out of my synthetic fiber bed, and walked to my shower. I grabbed my plastic shampoo bottle to wash my hair. After my shower, I got out and dried myself with a cotton towel. While… Read More »

The Dolls House

A Stylistic Analysis of The Doll??™s House Dra. Dina Dyah Ks, MA. Abstract: Analisis Stilistika pada cerita pendek The Doll??™s House mencoba menggunaka pendekatan lexico-grammar analysis untuk menelaah hubungan personal dan emosional antar tokoh-tokoh didalamnya. Secara tehnis pilihan pengarang pada penggunaan article, deixes dan konstruksi pesan yang disampaikan melalui dialog dan argumen tokoh-tokoh kecilnya, merupakan… Read More »

Petroleum Engineering

Castillo de Bellver Oil Spill (Assignment) (Course Title: Drilling & Mud Technology) Prepared by Mohammad Faraz M.Mashhood-ul-haque Syed Umair Hussain Shah Submitted to: Sir Aatif Submission Date: 3rd September 2013 ————————————————- Name:?  Castillo de Bellver ————————————————- Date:?  06/08/1983 ————————————————- Location:?  South Africa ————————————————- Accident area:?  80 km off Table Bay ————————————————- Cause of spill:?  Explosion… Read More »

The Dogon Tribe

Dogons University of Phoenix REL/133 Marjorie Smith February 14, 2011 Dogons The Dogons are an interesting tribe of indigenous people who are very sheltered from the industrial world we live in. Their way of life, religious beliefs, and customs are basically frozen in time because of their geographical isolation from more advanced civilizations. The Dogons… Read More »

Petroleum and Its Uses

Name | Nguyen Minh Quan (Anthony) | Roll Class | 11.5 | Teacher | Mrs. Pham | Date | 17/03/2010 | Words 998 ???Petroleum??™ comes from the Greek word Petra, meaning ???rock??™, and the Latin word oleum, meaning ???oil??™. Petrol or ???gasoline??™ as it is called in North America is made from petroleum. Petroleum is… Read More »

The Diviners—Learn to Be Grateful

Ruohan Chen Ms. McLennan ENG3U1-06 May 20, 2011 Learn to be grateful People are unaware of the precious things they already possess. As something is seen every day, it becomes negligible and people simply do not care about it any longer. However, after some time living without it, they will find it indispensible to them.… Read More »


Peter Poulos 9/19/08 English Homework Irony In, 1984 Orwell is trying to prove something about using irony in the novel. There is a lot of irony in this book, and there is a purpose for why he using irony in this novel. George Orwell??™s novel 1984 talks about how the government of Oceania controls its… Read More »