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Peter Skrzynecki

Belonging essay points Idea of belonging Belonging is the feeling of comfort and acceptance within ones environment and oneself. Despite all our differences we all belong to the one human race. Both poems show that strong cultural and linguistic ties enhance our sense of belonging. Texts Immigrant Chronicle * Written by Peter Skrzynekci * Feliks… Read More »

The Diva Plato on Tradition and Belief

Part 1: The Diva. How does the newspaper review help us to understand the singing qualities of an operatic diva such as Callas We have learnt from the DVD on the subject of ???The Diva??™ that the role of an operatic Diva is that of a larger than life character, that takes a great deal… Read More »

Respect for human rights

Essay:Respect for human rights It is no surprise for those who have ever attended an auction for cars or other merchandises that a normal auction is set with relevant rules and procedures for the assurance of a smooth process throughout. However, have you been acquainted with a slave auction? Unfortunately, slave auctions, once pervasive in… Read More »

Peter Skrzynecki

???All individuals??™ interaction with each other and the world around them can enrich or limit their experiences of belonging.??? Discuss this view with reference to at least 2 of Skrzynecki??™s poems. The way in which we interact with the individuals around us and the world us can either enrich or limit our experiences of belonging.… Read More »

The Diva and Plato

Assignment Three Part One: How does the newspaper review help us to understand Callas??™s reputation as a diva The newspaper review helps us to understand Maria Callas??™s reputation as a diva in many ways. It starts by using a well-known rumour about Callas being an actress but not much of a singer. Then the writer… Read More »

The influence of Confucianism in China

Essay:The influence of Confucianism in China™ Confucius is the founder of Confucianism, which is not only one of the main part of Chinese culture, but also the representative of the traditional Chinese culture. The Analects is the most important Confucian classics, as well as the most basic book to understand the Confucius™ thoughts and learn… Read More »

Peter Skrzynecki – Belonging

BELONGING Composers construct perspectives of belonging in texts by using various methods such as Film techniques, Poetic techniques and Language techniques. This essay will discuss perspectives of belonging as constructed by three specific authors, Peter Skrzynecki with the poems Post Card and Migrant Hostel, Green Day with the lyrics of American Idiot, and the film… Read More »

The Dissection

The Dissection… Hiking along the path right from the creaky wooden benches of the Lecture Theatre to the dark indoors of the Dept of Anatomy, we reached the Dissection Hall after three lengthy sleep inducing lectures that tested our patience on the very first day right after sessionals. We were to start Abdomen that day… Read More »

The boundary between health and disease

Essay:The boundary between health and disease;, There are a lot of boundaries, including the literal and figurative boundaries between health, illness, and animality in Sherman Alexie™s poem The Farm. In 1.Jonah, the scientists have discovered that the bone marrow of Indians can be used to kill cancer. This is the boundary between health and illness.… Read More »

Peter Pan

Peter Pan Peter Pan, first produced in 1904, was written by Sir James M Barrie. It was based on Barrie??™s tale The Little White Bird. The play is about the adventures of Peter, a boy who doesn??™t want to grow up, and the three Darling children- Wendy, Michael, and John- whom he teaches to fly… Read More »